The Rider's Case Launch

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It’s seven months in the making, and the day is finally here! The Rider’s Case is in stock and all your orders are being fulfilled as we speak. I just want to extend a sincere thank you to those who have followed along on this journey for the past few months. I appreciate your support so much.

I know I’ve touched on this briefly before on Instagram and in the “About Us” page, but in honor of my first launch, I want to give you a more in depth look at how I came to develop this product.

I sent my horse to Ocala last winter, and I commuted down on the weekends to show. If you’ve ever been there, you know that show grounds are HUGE. If you don’t have a golf cart or dirt bike (like me last year!), it can take quite a while to get around. So I was constantly in situations that required walking or riding to faraway rings, but having no idea how to bring my essentials along with me. And so often I found myself at a show ring that was a 20 minute walk from the barn, but missing something I needed (cash, phone, credit card, add/scratch slip, etc.).

Keeping items in jacket pockets didn’t work. The Florida weather changed so quickly that within a few minutes I’d probably be peeling that jacket off (along with all my items in the pockets). And anyone who has ever worn breeches can attest that keeping valuable things in those pockets is a bad idea as well.

There had to be an easier to way to carry what I needed whether I was riding or not. I decided to make something for myself, and that is how The Rider’s Case was born.

While I was developing this idea in my head, I realized I would have to figure out how to make prototypes. I called my aunt, who knows how to sew. She agreed to teach me the basics and help me get started. I spent a weekend at her house and we made the first couple versions of the case. After that I bought my own sewing machine and got to work perfecting the design & materials.

I developed the case to be easy to wear and simple to take off. That way, you could actually wear it all day, warm up to show in it, and then simply unsnap it from your belt and hand it to your mom/friend/trainer/groom as you walked into the show ring. When you were done, you could pop it back on your belt for the long walk home. An easy, simple solution to this massive problem.

You don’t even have to be riding to make use of this case. It’s perfect for busy trainers, running from ring to ring. Need a spot to keep add/scratch slips safe? I got you. What about horseshow moms? I know you guys have enough to worry about while watching your kids ride. This case keeps your hands free so you can be the one ready with a horse treat as they come out of the ring.

This is the perfect solution to a problem that you probably knew you had, but didn’t have time to figure out how to fix.  I promise you’ll start to totally rely on this case, and the best part is, it’s so lightweight and flexible that you won’t even know you’re wearing it! Whether you are riding, grooming, training, or doing some barn chores, you’ll love the convenience and easy access that this case provides.

Order one in your favorite color combination now! You can even personalize it with your initials, because we all know equestrians love putting their monogram on everything they own.

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