The Rider's Case: Color Inspiration

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As you’ve probably noticed, The Rider’s Case comes in three different color combinations. Those three combinations are pretty, yes, but there is some thought and strategy behind the choices. I thought I’d let you in on the secret behind these colors and why I chose them for my first product line.

These colors represent three distinct aspects of life in the hunter/jumper world, and the associated fashion choices. Riding attire differs vastly from the jumper ring, to the hunter ring, to the schooling ring, and I wanted to find a way to do justice to each of these styles. So, there is a Rider’s Case to match the style of each of these rings, to represent everything I love about competitive riding from schooling at home to showing in front of a crowd.

There you have it! I wanted to make these colors purposeful, so that you as a rider could identify immediately with the one that best represents your life and style. But obviously, each color can be worn in ANY situation you want! By sharing my inspiration, I hope you can envision yourself wearing one in all aspects of your equestrian life.

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**Special thanks to my aunt Priscilla, who has an amazing eye for color and helped guide me in making these choices.

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