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If you read my previous post, you now know all about my history with horses and know that I took quite a long break from riding competitively in college and beyond.

Now, after two years back in the competitive world, I’ve seen my fair share of equestrian companies and products. We’ve made great strides in improving quality and innovation. Here are some examples of things that didn’t exist when I was a junior: technical fabrics of any kind (yes, we wore WOOL showcoats), Equifit belly bands (total lifesavers), and zip-up tall boots (no brainer). Let’s just say my first trip back to a tack store in 2016 absolutely blew my mind.

I have such a passion for this world, and I actively looked for ways to combine that with my passion for business. My mission for this company is to bring to the market quality, well-designed products that have a real use in the horse world. That may mean being patient, as I want to make sure the brand is always well-represented. As I’ve learned so far developing just one product, these things take lots of time!

While this process has been hard at times, I'm immensely grateful for everything I've learned so far. From product design & choosing materials, learning to sew, to trying my hand at graphic design, each day brings something totally new and exciting. 

So, I hope you’ll follow along on this adventure with me. My first product, The Rider's Case, will be available very soon, and I will also be writing regular blog posts about my life as a business person + equestrian. If you have any blog post ideas, feedback, or similar stories to share, feel free to email me at


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