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Hello, equestrian community!

My name is Allie, and I just started this business called Rider Supply Co. I have a new product called The Rider's Case on its way soon, but first I wanted to introduce myself to you.

I work full time in accounting, and most of my day is spent behind a desk. Once work is done, I head to the barn to ride and care for my horses, Little Love and Laser.

I’ve been riding for as long as I can remember. Competing has always been a part of that, but I wasn’t exactly setting the world on fire as a junior. I found the equitation to be too much pressure, the hunters to be boring (I've since seen the light!), and the jumpers to be scary (more on that in a sec).

Despite having a very reliable and honest first horse, Laser (yes, the one I mentioned before – I still have him!), I was pretty timid. So, I spent my junior career being perfectly and happily average – no Maclay finals, no Junior Hunter finals, you get the picture. Throughout this whole time, my mom was consistently encouraging me to enter some jumper classes – she HATED the subjectivity of the equitation and hunters, and never could make sense of the scoring. I always brushed her off. Jumpers are scary, you know.

I took time off from riding during my 4 years at Boston College. This was mostly due to being burned out, coupled with dealing with the death of another horse I had at the time (I hope to write a blog post in the future around that topic, as I know most of you can relate). I got my undergrad degree, master’s degree, and CPA and dove headfirst into the business world.

Fast forward 4 years to May of 2016, and I knew something was missing from my life. It took me a while to figure it out – but I decided I needed to make my way back into the competitive equestrian world. I had been riding very casually since college, as I still had Laser. But it had been YEARS since I had a proper lesson or jumped anything bigger than a cavaletti.

I called up my trainer and asked about leasing a horse for the summer. You know, to do some fun local shows and maybe jump a little bit. Due to many strokes of dumb luck, I ended up with a very nice quality equitation horse (and former jumper), named Finn. He gave me incredible confidence and after a month with him I decided two things: 1. I wanted to jump big jumps, and 2. I wanted to do it in the jumper ring (*gasp*). Because I finally realized you actually DON’T have to be generally crazy in order to win in the jumper ring.

With more strokes of dumb luck, my trainer and I found my first jumper, Little Love. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing at the time, and it gives me a good laugh to go back and watch the videos of me trying her. Luckily she is the most kind-hearted horse on the planet, and she was the perfect choice to show me the ropes of the jumper ring. A bonus was she had a show record up to 1.40m, meaning I wouldn’t outgrow her scope anytime soon.

I’ve had Little Love for two years now, and she’s taken me up to the Low (and occasionally Medium) A/O divisions. If you’ve seen the Rider Supply Co. Instagram account, you know that I’m basically obsessed with her.

That gets us to the present day, and I'd love to continue writing and sharing my story with you all. I know a lot of you are in the same boat - balancing a full-time job, riding competitively, and sporadically trying to have a social life! Check back here every week for a new post on topics like new product launches, my best tips & tricks, and my take on riding as an adult amateur with a full-time job.



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